Saturday, June 4, 2022

Fairfield Office Spaces For Rent - Deal Directly With Landlord Or Middle Broker Online?

Solano Companies Seeking Office Space Leases Prefer Dealing Directly With Landlords.  

Why? Know Who You Are Renting From Face To Face. Commercial Real Estate Brokers Can Be Great, But The Tenant Will Deal With The Owner Later, Not The Broker.

Check Out California Business Center's Fairfield office spaces for rent.

Gays Harassed By Volunteer Fire Fighters?

Volunteer Fire Fighters Can Be In Strong Positions To Force Neighbors To Do The "Volunteer's" Bidding. Is This Called The Taking Advantage Of Neighbors?

Does Fire Fighter Bullying Include: Gays Being Harassed. Hazing. Cover Ups? Interesting Allegations and Opinions From Napa California.  99% of volunteers were praised, and 100% of paid Cal Fire were also thanked.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Got A Bad California Landlord? Need A Good Office Building Landlord?

California Landlords Can Be Good, Bad Or In Between. Tell Us How Is Yours?

Prefer Having An Onsite Manager Instead Of One Who Doesn't Show When Needed?

Find a flexible office space in a business center.  They normally have onsite managers and handle repairs and maintenance. Onsite property manager is better to have than waiting for repair folks to hopefully show up says Solano Business Center in Fairfield, CA.

Get a good California landlord at Solano Business Center. It provides office rentals in Fairfield a half mile from highway 80.  It's for start-ups, small businesses, and branch offices. Tenants can get private office suites, telephone, advanced fiber optic internet, professional conference rooms, and more.

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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Fight For Online Privacy A Losing Battle?

California’s Legislature wants to strengthen privacy laws, requiring technology companies to fall in line. Meanwhile the fights about California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) continue.

While the push for privacy in California continues, the reality is many people are slowly adapting to the reality that privacy laws are too weak.  

Oh this USC professor Manuel Pastor talked about a “tech dividend” who return a portion of profits to the consumers themselves. Is this a deflection by which to allow or get accustomed to the loss of privacy?

However the reality is, whatever purported “fight”there is for privacy, it seems likely that the privacy fight will lose in the long run, or at least this is Solano Business News’ opinion.

Is Our Fight For Online Privacy In California Really A Losing Battle? Please respond to this Business Honesty blog with your privacy view.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Business Poetry With Therapeutic Perspective

Business Of Poetic Inspiration

Therapeutic Poetry

By Poet and Businessman Steve Kays of Napa and Fairfield, California

Honesty and ethics in business
Lets you sleep at night
Feeling pure and free of guilt

Love learning from each other. 
Taking to the next level.

My best works.
Trying not to let preconceived marketability corrupt my pure passion when in the moment of creative ecstasy. 

What a different world of art it would be
If more allowed their art to flow naturally

Inspire yourself
Even in the business world
Honesty can prevail

The project starting as my soul’s reflection.
Blossoming. Learning about life and myself.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Steven Kays Hopes Companies Will Become More Honest In New Political Climate

Since Donald Trump Focused On The Lack Of Ethics, Steven Kays Hopes Companies (At Least In The US) Will Become More Honest In Changing World Political Climate.

Too many people tolerate clear acts of unethical behavior as it seems to have become more the norm since the 2008 recessions says, Steven Kays of Innovation Institute.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dishonest People Posture For Financial Advantage While Losing Deeper Connectedness With Others. Steve Kays

Dishonesty largely rests on people's desire to change the appearance of truth, so the deceiver is perceived as differently.  The deceiver is posturing falsehoods to gain advantage over someone else. Trickery is a kind of intellectual dance.

In the ideal business world, people would communicate on deeper levels, nurturing trust and deeper connections, leading to expected and realistic outcomes.

Ultimately the posturers reposition the human interaction agenda from "connecting through truth" to disenfranchisement. The disconnecting posturer leaves people with a deeper empty feeling. While the dishonest business person may materially show their gained financial advantage, deeper down they miss on the love and connectedness that is more satisfying than wealth accumulation.

Steve Kays goes into more detail with his studies on business ethics with Innovation Institute and Creative Philosophers Club. Kays moves forward even though he has been chastised for "crossing the line" when questioning the morality of certain politico's.